Even if he did occasionally obtain acceptable employment, he invariably stole as of his employers or their customers. One of the few murder victims whom Haarmann readily confessed to killing. Haarmann claimed en route for have buried Rothe in Stöckener cemetery. Less than three weeks later, on 26 May, a year-old travelling salesman from the town of Kassel named Fritz Wittig, whom Haarmann would afterwards state he had killed ahead the insistence of Grans at the same time as he had worn a "good new suit" Grans coveted, [53] was dismembered and discarded all the rage the Leine River. With his parents' consent, he finished his schooling in

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Altogether his clothing was later found in Haarmann's apartment. Deliver me from this life, which is a torment. A witness would later testify to having seen Haarmann and Grans conversing along with Brinkmann in the waiting rooms at Hanover station. Speichert's clothing is known to have been sold by the son of Haarmann's landlady; his geometry kit was given to Grans at the same time as a gift. Approximately half of the remains had been all the rage the river for some age, whereas other bones and amount parts had been discarded all the rage the river more recently. His murder would be followed a lesser amount of than two weeks later by that of year-old Friedrich Koch, who was approached by Haarmann on 5 June as he walked to college. The remainder of his body had been thrown into the Leine Brook.

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